Audrey Kathleen Hepburn was born in Brussels on May 4, 1929, the daughter of an English banker and a Dutch baroness.
In 1935 her parents divorced, and Audrey moved with her mother to Holland, where she began studying ballet. She performed in many shows, but was forced to abandon ballet when she was 18 because she had grown too tall. Nevertheless, Hepburn stayed in show business.

In 1948 was given a role in the Dutch film Dutch in 7 lessons. She moved to London and was offered other minor roles. Then, during the shooting of the film Montecarlo Baby, she met French writer Colette. Enchanted by her grace, the writer suggested that young Audrey be given the lead role in the play based on her novel Gigi. The year was 1951. That same year she was also chosen as the female lead for Roman Holiday. Audrey won over audiences and critics alike, earning an Academy Award for Best Actress.

In 1954 she was selected by director Billy Wilder for the film Sabrina. Audrey Hepburn had become a star. This movie also marked the beginning of her association with fashion designer Givenchy. Audrey became an emblem of style and elegance. That same year she married actor and director Mel Ferrer, with whom she would have a son, Sean.

In 1961 she starred in Breakfast at Tiffany’s, a movie based on the novel by Truman Capote. Her performance turned lead character Holly Golightly into a film icon. In 1964 Audrey accepted the lead role in the musical My Fair Lady. Her performance was a triumph. In the meantime she divorced Ferrer and married Italian doctor Andrea Dotti.

In 1970 her second son, Luca, was born. Audrey retired from public life to devote herself to her family. She returned to film six years later, performing in Robin and Marian. In 1982 she divorced Dotti and moved to Switzerland with Dutch actor Robert Wolders. In 1989 she became an ambassador for UNICEF, the United Nation’s children’s fund. That same year she accepted to play Hap in the Steven Spielberg film Always. It was her last performance. In 1992 she was diagnosed with cancer.Audrey Hepburn died a short while later. She was 63. Audrey Hepburn introduced a concept of beauty that was totally new for her time: by putting an end to the dominance of shapely and sexy bombshells, the thin actress with the big brown eyes imposed a refined style which is still very much in fashion.
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