June 12, 2011. The Montreal circuit. It was the Canadian Grand Prix, a competition that set 3 records and made history in Formula 1 racing. It may have been the longest race at 4 hours and 4 minutes, but it was also the slowest with an average speed of 74.864 kmph, and the safety car had to be brought out 5 times. It was pouring rain in Montreal as the safety car left the starting line. The cars in the competition followed, none being allowed to pass the safety car. German Sebastian Vettel of Red Bull Racing, started from the pole position, led the group. At the end of the seventh lap the two British drivers for McLaren-Mercedes, Lewis Hamilton and Jenson Button, collided. Hamilton had rammed Button and the acident forced Hamilton’s retirement from the race. Button finished cautiously. Now it was time for the safety car to get back on the track: The drivers cautiously proceeded at very low speed behind it.

The rain’s intensity began to increase. The race was stopped at the end of the 24th lap with Vettel still in the lead. Two hours after stopping because of the rough weather, the race begins again. In lap 37 Button was leading but he tapped Fernando Alonso’s Ferrari. The Spaniard spun out and was retired from the race. The safety car was brought out for the fourth time. In the 56th lap, 14 laps from the end of the race, there was another incident, this time involving the German Nick Heidfeld of the Renault group. The safety car was brought on to the track for the fifth time, eliminating the gaps between the drivers: Vettel was still maintaining his lead, followed by Germany's Michael Schumacher of Mercedes GP, Australian Mark Webber and Jenson Button.

Despite finding himself in last place at the beginning of the race, and not to mention rain delays, accidents, various interruptions and the safety car being brought out 5 times, Button made a comeback, overtaking Webber, Schumacher and Vettel on the final lap. Jenson Button’s win at the Grand Prix was one of the most daring and unlikely in the history of Formula 1.
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