The automobile is a means of transportation provided by a motor which allows it to move independently. The automobile is made up of several interconnected parts: the chassis and body, the steering and transmission, electrical systems and brakes, suspension, wheels and the engine. The heart of a car is its engine, which transforms chemical energy, resulting from the combustion of fuel, into mechanical energy, which in turn generates movement. The idea of a vehicle that moves by itself was first conceived in the Middle Ages, but these early projects were not feasible due to the lack of a suitable engine. The Industrial Revolution at the end of the 1700’s spawned an engine capable of moving a vehicle. The early forerunner of the car engines was a machine that used external combustion, such as the steam engine, wherein the fuel burns in a kind of separate boiler. After the steam engine came the more powerful and less costly internal combustion engines, wherein fuel burns inside the engine itself in a combustion chamber. The fuel used for such a device is gasoline, a byproduct of oil that is extreme volatile and a highly explosive. Faster and more comfortable than earlier means of transportation, the automobile became firmly established in the twentieth century, when it began to be manufactured on an assembly line, a system of production introduced at the beginning of the 1900’s by U.S. entrepreneur Henry Ford. After the Second World War, the car became a luxury that people could purchase in installments, thus becoming a product for mass consumption. In an increasingly globalized world, the automobile has greatly helped people overcome the distances between them, while promoting the autonomy of movement. The widespread popularity of the automobile together with its technological evolution, contributed to pollution problems over time. Some of the more feesible solutions for correcting this problem could consist of replacing gasoline with biofuels (fuels produced from plants) or electric cars, but in both cases full autonomy is still limited. Aside from reversing the effects of pollution, among the top priorities of car manufacturars today are making the automobile safer, the perfection of multimedia equipment for automatic driver assistance, software designed to aid drivers in traffic safety, and the application of future technological advances
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