2 July
Egypt, Sinai
An ISIS-affiliated Islamic militant group attacked Egyptian army and police: over 100 dead.

27 July
China, Shanghai
Shanghai stock exchange index dropped by 8.5% in negotiations, the worst drop since June 2007.

13 July
Belgium, Brussels
Greece and international creditors agreed on a new loan, in return for a series of heavy reforms to be approved by the end of the month.

14 July
Switzerland, Geneva
After around 2 years of negotiations, a nuclear power agreement is reached between Iran and UN Security Council countries with veto power.

29 July
Afghanistan, Kabul
Afghan government confirms Mullah Omar’s death, the historical leader of Afghan Taliban and one of the most wanted terrorists around the world.

16 July
United States, Washington
Russia, United States, Canada, Norway and Denmark signed an agreement that bans commercial fishing in the Arctic.

24 July
Syria and Iraq
Turkey attacked ISIS in Syria and the militants of Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) in northern Iraq, ending the truce.
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