At the end of May 2007, the Internazionale of Milan won the Italian championship for the 15th time in its history. The Milan Inter had not won a championship on the field since 1989, but it had duplicated that ’89 victory with a record-breaking season. The Series A championship of 2006/2007 would begin in the shadows of a large scandal that erupted in May 2006. After the Calciopoli scandal, Juventus was in Series B, while AC Milan started with -8 points in Series A. Inter, however, was the defending champion at the table, despite a third place finish the previous season. The President of Inter, Massimo Moratti, knew there could be no more excuses for not winning and took great players away from Juventus, such as high level champions, Imbrahimovic and Vieria. The fullbacks Maicon, Maxwell Gross and striker Crespo, also joined coach Roberto Mancini’s team.

On September 10th, the games began: Fiorentina –vs- Inter 2 to 3. This time, Inter proved to be more than just the flash in the pan it had been for the past 15 years. Terrific plays from the team leaders were supported by an efficient team play and moral support off the field. On the third day, it was Rome’s turn to fall to the Nerazzurri in their house, thanks to a beautiful goal from Crespo. Inter won both matches with AC Milan. The first game ended 4 to 3, after a heart racing game, in which Inter was ahead 3 goals to zero. In one fell swoop, from the 8th to the 25th day, they defeated all of their rivals, except for Udinese, who they tied at home, and the San Siro and Rome. These 17 consecutive wins were a new record. Inter’s winning-streak would end on April 15, at San Siro. During the stoppage time of the 22nd round Inter-Roma lost, 6 days from the end of the tournament.
Inter lost 1 to 3, in its only misstep of the season. After only one week, the results were Atalanta-vs-Roma, 2 to 1, and Inter-vs- Siena, 1 to 2.

The F.C. International was the champion of Italy, with five rounds to spare. This was a new record. At the end of the season, their record would be beaten or tied by more than ten: 30 wins, including 15 on the road, starting 31 games without a loss, 0 losses, 22 points ahead of second place. These are just some of the numbers that caused controversy for Inter in what was an unforgettable season, sealed by a stratospheric final score: 97 out of 114 available points.

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