Katherine Ann Moss, also known as Kate Moss, is an English supermodel that is considered the symbol of an era and a style icon. She was born in Addiscombe, London Borough of Croydon, on January 16, 1974. Kate Moss was spotted at the age of 14 at New York’s airport by the founder of the agency Storm Model Management, who offered her a contract even if her beauty stood outside of the canons of the time. Her career started in 1990, when Corinne Day photographed her for The Face magazine. Kate soon became the anti-model: she was much skinnier and shorter than her colleagues and had an imperfect smile. Designer Calvin Klein chose her for an ad campaign precisely because she was different. The public opinion accused Moss of fostering – with her image – anorexia and an emaciated style, which was named heroin chic. Everyone started talking about her, nobody resisted her. Kate started modelling for the biggest fashion brands, like Versace, Gucci Chanel, Burberry, Louis Vuitton, Vivienne Westwood, among others.

The model boasts a list of famous fiancés: photographer Mario Sorrenti, actor Johnny Depp, publisher Jefferson Hack - father of her daughter Lila Grace - and musician Pete Doherty, with whom she had an extreme relationship that lead to a scandal in 2005, when the Daily Mirror published a photo shoot that captured the model while she was taking cocaine. Moss apologized publicly and flew to a rehabilitation clinic in Arizona to be treated. Designers initially cancelled millionaire contracts and later supported her by offering new contracts. Once Kate Moss checked out of rehab, she was contracted by 18 international brands. Chased by paparazzi, who capture her excesses and looks, Kate has launched trends that have been copied all around the world. The model has inspired a number of photo publications and works of art, like a golden statue by Marc Quinn, among others. In 2011 she married musician Jamie Hince, wearing a dress that John Galliano had designed specifically for her. In 2013 she received a special recognition at the British Fashion Awards, for her contribution to the history of fashion during her 25-year career.

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