Libra is an astrological sign transited by the Sun from roughly September 23rd to October 24th. Its name is derived from the constellation of Libra, which in Latin means Balance. Between the fifth and fourth century BC, and in Classical Greek mythology, the sign was considered to be part of the larger constellation Scorpio, the constellation percieved as a scorpion with two large claws. The names of the two brightest stars of the constellation, Zubenelegenubi and Zubeneschamali, are Arabic for "southern claw" and "northern claw". In 46 B.C., the emperor Julius Caesar decreed that all citizens of the Roman Empire adopt the Julian solar calendar. This calendar divides the year into 12 months based on the cycle of the seasons. The sign of Libra was placed in correspondence with the autumnal equinox, the time of year where day and night are of equal length. This infers that people born under the sign of Libra share the desire to seek harmony and balance.

The myth of the greek goddess Themis is the most often linked to the attributes of the sign. Themis, the first wife of Zeus, king of the gods, bore her husband daughters belonging to the classes of the Fates and the Hours. As the Goddess of natural laws, Themis watched over what was lawful and unlawful and regulated the coexistence between the gods and humans. She also maintained good relations with the second wife of Zeus. Because of this, those born under the sign of Libra are said to be dedicated to family and friends, are friendy, and appreciate farness and balance. One of the Hours, Dike, the goddess of justice, is often confused with her iconic mother, Themis. Dike ruled the courts and demanded compliance with laws and contracts. She is represented as a woman holding up a massive scale, the symbol of fairness and inflexibility. For this reason, those born under the sign of Libra are often associated with respect for the law, an aesthetic appreciation for balance and a certain inflexibility of character. The sign, however, was placed at the beginning of autumn, a season with an uncertain climate. This suggests that Libras also exhibit insecurity and indecision.

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