2 large eggplants
cut lengthwise into thin slices
salt the slices and lay them in a strainer
press them to remove bitterness
fry some onion
add garlic and 400 g of ground lamb
when the meat has started to brown, add a half glass of red wine
300 g of tomato sauce, salt and a pinch of cinnamon
add dill halfway through
cook meat for 45 minutes, meanwhile prepare the béchamel sauce
melt 50 g of butter in a small pan
add 50 g sifted flour
add ½ liter of milk little by little, watch out for lumps
add salt, pepper and nutmeg…now the béchamel sauce is ready
rinse eggplant
fry both sides in oil
pour the meat sauce on top, cover with the rest of the eggplant
add béchamel sauce
dust with freshly-grated pecorino
cook at 190° C until the top turns golden
cut moussaka into squares
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