The World Cup is the most coveted football trophy. Every 4 years, one country’s national team wins the World Championship cup. The original trophy was made of gold and is owned by FIFA, the International Federation of Football Association. The winning team is awarded a golden copy of the original trophy. The first football World Cup was The Rimet Cup, which was named after the inventor of the World Championship, Frenchman Jules Rimet. Commissioned in 1928 by Parisian Goldsmith Abel Lafleur, the first World Cup was up for grabs. The cup was organized and won by Uruguay.

The Rimet Cup, which was built in Art Nouveau style on a marble pedestal, depicted the winged victor holding the cup and was awarded to the world champion teams from 1930 to 1970. It was 30 cm in height and weighed about 4 kilograms. It also featured 1 kilo and 800 grams of solid gold. With the third world championship being given to Brazil, in 1970, the search for a new FIFA trophy began. On April 5, 1971, an international competition for its realization was announced. Among 53 participating projects, the Italian sculptor Silvio Gazzaniga’s trophy was chosen. He created what is still the current FIFA trophy in January of 1972. The FIFA Cup depicts two victorious players raising their arms to the sky supporting a sphere meant to symbolize both of the competing football teams. The FIFA Cup is 18-carat solid gold, and weighs 6 kilograms and 175 grams and is 36.8 centimeters in height. The base is made of malachite green, and inscribed on the statue, are the names of the past world cup champions since 1972.
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