Capricorn is a sign of the Zodiac transited by the Sun from approximately December 21st to January 19th. Its name is derived from the astronomical constellation Capricornus which, in Latin, means "goat with horns". Capricorn is associated with the greek myth of the goat Amalthea. The myth concerns Cronus, ruler of the gods, who fears that he is going to lose his throne to his son, as predicted by a fortune-teller. As a result, whenever his wife Rhea gave birth, Cronus would eat the babies.

When Rhea gave birth to Zeus, she secreted her child away from her husband and entrusted him to the care of the goat Amalthea. Amalthea would nurse and look after the child in a cave on Mount Ida. Raising a child is a very important task, and the goat managed to do it alone. For this reason, those born under the sign of Capricorn are characterized by an ambition to gain influential positions, without fear of loneliness and responsibility. Amalthea reared Zeus in a cold, dark cave, signifying that those born uncer the sign of Capricorn know how to survive under difficult conditions, to withstand hardship and to allow little room for frivolity. As indicated in the prophecy, Zeus overthrows Cronus when he becomes an adult and frees his devoured brothers and sisters from his father’s stomach. Zeus, therefore, became the king of the gods.

Attacked by monsters called the Titans, Zeus and his family required a powerful means to defend themselves. Amalthea, who posessed indestructible flesh, agreed to be sacrificed for the good of his protege. Zeus skins the animal and uses its flesh to build the invincible Aegis, a shield that made him invulnerable. Similarly, those born under the sign of Capricorn are said to be rigid in nature and create a kind of emotional armor to shield themselves rom pain. As a show of gratitude to Amathea, Zeus placed his surrogate parent in the sky, creating the constellation of Capricorn. He also took one of the animals horns and filled it with flowers and fruit, creating the symbology of the Cornucopia, a symbol of abundance and prosperity. Like Amalthea, Capricorns are said to set aside their personal interests for the greater good and will make sacrifices for future abundance.
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