On average, one hectare of green (trees, plants and grass):
absorbs in a year the CO2 emitted by a car that has travelled a distance of about 80.000km
produces every day the oxygen needed by 40 people
New York’s Central park is the most visited city park in the world: 40 million visits a year.
It measures 3,4 km², as the area of 680.000 double mattresses.
Dubai Miracle Garden is the biggest flower garden in the world: it has about 45 million flowers over an 85 hectares site.
The Serra da Cantareira in São Paulo is the largest urban park in the world: 64,800 hectares, the equivalent of about 64,000 football pitches.
The former Tempelhof airport in Berlin is now home to the largest park of the city: 367 hectares, the landing strips are now bike paths.
In the United States the city with the highest spending on parks is Minneapolis: $224 per resident per year.
Apartments overlooking parks are in great demand. The most expensive one is in New York: Central Park - $ 500,000 per month for 450 sq.m.
Comune di Modena: KLM; Huffington Post; Park Score 2015
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