In 1816, Karl Drais developed the first bicycle prototype, later patented as “Laufmaschine”.
The first best performance on the road of a bike dates back to 1817: it reached 14.5 km/h.
In 1885, Gottlieb Daimler created the first motorcycle.
In Europe, Dutch citizens cycle the most (43% of the population), Maltese the least (1% of the population).
Workers in the U.K. who cycle to work are about 2.8% of the total.
The biggest market in Europe for bikes and accessories is in the Netherlands: it is worth about € 2.5 billion.
For bicycles and accessories a cyclist spends:
In the Netherlands about € 350 per year
In the U.K. about € 185 per year
In Italy about € 150 per year
The most expensive bicycle in the world costs around 328,000 euros: it is made of 24-carat gold.
The bike sharing is the public bicycle service: in January 2015 it was available in 797 cities in the word.
In Japan, an automated cylindrical parking device for bicycles takes them to the surface in 13 seconds.
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