1917: the first plastic surgery operation consisted of transferring skin from the shoulder to the face of Walter Yeo, a sailor who lost his eyelids during the war.
Today, plastic surgery operations in the world are over 23 million.
The United States are the State with the highest number of operations. 0.3% of the whole population.
Italy comes in seventh in the world, but first for population percentage: 0.5%
The United Arab Emirates are the country with the highest amount of surgeons per capita: 1 every 18,000 inhabitants.
The list of the most requested operations:
Breast enlargement 1,773,584
Liposuction 1,614,031
Blepharoplasty 1,379,263
Fat transfer (=injections of the patient’s own fat )1,053,890
Rhinoplasty 954,423
Asia is the continent with the cheapest plastic surgery.
Breast enlargement:
India $ 2,400
China $ 2,660
Japan $ 2,800
Brazil $ 2,900
United States $ 3,600
The woman who underwent the highest number of operations is Sarah Burge; she is American and spent over $ 850,000 in more than 20 years.

The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery; International society of aesthetic plastic surgery; www.guinnessworldrecords.com
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