Hashtag stands for a word preceded by a hash symbol. It is used to group topics of interest.
Starting from the early 2000s, the hashtag has been used in forums and chats to categorise topics.
On 23 August 2007 at 12:25, Chris Messina posted the first Tweet with a hashtag.
The hashtag became internationally popular during the 2009 presidential elections in Iran.
In July 2009, Twitter officially added the hashtags.
September 2012: they appeared on Google+
March 2013: they appeared on Flickr
June 2013: they appeared on Facebook.
In 2010, Twitter introduced the “trending topics”, the most popular hashtags of the moment.
Out of 500 million daily tweets, 42% of the posts include at least one hashtag.
Twitter recommends using the hashtags. With the hashtags you obtain:
78% of retweets
22% more answers
92% more clicks on the links
The most popular hashtag on Instagram is #love.
In June 2014, the word hashtag was added to the Oxford English Dictionary.
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