There are 60 chemical elements in the human body, among them, oxygen amounts to 65%.
In a person weighing 80 kg, oxygen is worth 7 euros, potassium 70 euros.
The most expensive body parts are the vital ones. Antibodies are worth 5 million euros, bone marrow 17,000 euros per gram.
In London, hairdressers buy human hair for 60 euros per kg.
A cup of saliva is worth 1,260 euros, a gram of earwax 2,000 euro.
In the UK, women who sell eggs receive 944 euros.
In California, eggs of women who are younger than 30 are worth 11,000 euros, those of over 30 4,000 euros.
In the U.S., cadavers can be disarticulated and divided into 60 tissues. The market value for each body is about 186,000 euros.
The re-usable parts of a single human body are worth 34 million euros
A heart valve 5,200 euros
Corneas 4,480 euros
A tendon 1,000 euros
Spine 670 euros
An arm or a hand 383 euros
A shoulder 380 euros.

BBC; The Guardian; Data Genetics; British Medical Journal
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