Each year, around one trillion dollars is spent on clothes worldwide.
During the lifetime of a pair of jeans - from cotton cultivation to laundering - approximately 3,880 litres of water are used and 33.4kg of carbon dioxide are emitted.
The forbidden chemicals in textile manufacturing are 73. The three most dangerous chemicals are:
In the USA, 45% of textile waste is re-used or exported to developing countries.
The average of textile waste that is collected and differentiated in the EU is 4kg per capita each year.
By collecting 1kg of used clothes you can reduce:
CO2 emissions by 3.6kg
water consumption by 6,000lt
use of fertilizers by 0.3kg
use of pesticides by 0.2kg
Every year in the United Kingdom each person buys and disposes of around 35kg of textiles.
Of which:
13% is collected for re-use
13% is burnt
74% ends up in landfills.
In Italy, each year, around 13,200 tons of clothing are taken to landfills, with serious consequences on the environment.
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