There are approximately 23,000 people on death row in the world.
In 1993, 37 countries applied the capital punishment. Today they are 22.
In the US, death penalty was suspended in 1972 and reintroduced in 1976.
To date, 20,000 executions have been carried out in the United States, 3% are women.
35% black people, 56% white people, 7% Hispanics, 2% other.
The USA and Japan are the only G8 Countries to practise the death penalty.
Belarus is the only European country.
The most common methods of execution:
1. lethal injections
2. electric chair
3. gas chamber
4. hanging
5. pistol shot
The number of executions in 2013:
1. China 778
2. Iran 369
3. Iraq 169
4. Saudi Arabia79
5. United States 39 (40% in Texas)
In China death penalty is a state secret, data regarding executions are assumptions.
In China you can be sentenced to death also for:
tax evasion
escaping from Sars quarantine and spreading the virus
Fonti; Amnesty International; Human Right Resource; Human Rights Watch; Aljazeera
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