«It’s a pointless question to ask oneself who are the spectators of a film»: this is how the narrative of Enrico Vanzina, screenwriter, producer, writer and journalist, starts. During the eighties and the nineties, he was one of the most important and famous cineaste of the Italian cinema. When Enrico Vanzina is asked about popular cinema, he says: «Generally speaking, if popular cinema is good, it means that it’s 10 years ahead of the other movies, because it understands everything first».

Enrico Vanzina, son of the director Stefano Vanzina, wrote his first script in 1976 (“Luna di miele in tre”), he’s since then consider as one of the most representative of the Italian comedy: he’s a master when it comes to find era’s flaws and symbolisms, and he knows how to translate it in the popular cinematographic language. Enrico Vanzina works also for theater and collaborates with the most important Italian newspapers for years.
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