It is estimated that one organ black market operation takes place each hour.
The profit is estimated to be between 600 million and 1.2 billion dollars.
The kidney is the most requested organ: 70,000 kidneys are transplanted per year. 15,000 come from the black market.
The lowest price to buy a kidney is $ 20,000
Cornea $ 5,000
Liver $ 25,000
Heart $ 90,000
Lung $ 110,000
The sorting centers are in Turkey, the Czech Republic, Ukraine, Caucasus, Georgia.
The demand and the offer of organs also take place online.
Facebook allows the ‘organ donor’ status.
Such positive information is used on the black market to select potential sellers.
A Sunday Post journalist received 11 kidney offers on Facebook in less than a week. The average price was £ 30,000.
In 1999 a kidney for sale on eBay got to an offer of 5.75 million dollars.
Legal websites block any advertisement they manage to intercept.
WHO (World Health Organisation); Sunday Post; ONU; HAVOCSCOPE (Global Black Market Information)
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