Internet users are about 2.5 billion: 1.8 billion are active on social networks.
Facebook is the social network with the highest number of monthly active users: 1.3 billion. For the Wall Street experts, each user is worth $128 per month.
Twitter has 750 million users, but about 40% have never posted a tweet.
In China, the main social networks are forbidden. They are replaced with local websites:
Facebook is replaced with Qzone (about 632 million profiles)
Twitter is replaced with Tencent Weibo (about 220 million users)
More than 55 million posts are shared on Instagram daily.
The average monthly time that a user spends on Google+ is 3.5 minutes, on Facebook 450 minutes.
Users that spend the most time on social networks live in:
1. Argentina 4.3 hours per day.
2. Mexico 3.8 hours per day.
3. Thailand 3.7 hours per day.
4. United Arab Emirates 3.3 hours per day.
5. Brazil 3.1 hours per day.
6. South Africa 3 hours per day.
Tumblr has the youngest users: 45% are younger than 35.
On Pinterest over 80% of users are female.

Corriere della Sera; Data Viz; Digital Cr3ative; Marketing Land; We Are Social; Compete; Digital Marketing Ramblings; Browser Media; Forbes; The Verge
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