«Democracy is like a flower that needs water every day», Shirin Ebadi - Nobel Peace Prize in 2003 - tells us about her struggles for human rights and how it is to live in exile from your own country. Lawyer and activist Shirin Ebadi was the first Muslim woman to win this award. Iranian government officials have sought to thwart her in every possible way, even with violence: in November 2009 Tehran police raided her apartment, beat her husband and seized the Nobel Prize.

Despite all this Shirin Ebadi tells us she still believes in democracy, because one day «the dictators will be gone». She trust her people, who are «more and more aware», and all those who are still living under a regime. In 1994 she founds with others the Society for Protecting the Child's Rights, a non-government organization which she still directs. As a lawyer she often worked on cases involving dissidents of the regime and took part in trials suing members of the Iranian secret services.
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