«Insolvency law in Italy puts a sort of permanent mark on those who go bankrupt». Former Minister of Economic Development and Infrastructure, Corrado Passera, explains the regulatory limits that still block the growth of a healthy risk culture in Italy, which is needed to invest in start-ups. It is a model that needs to be renewed in order to allow those who have good ideas "to start over”. Passera tells us of his career as a manager and as a politician, and of what he acquired through his experiences: the art of putting things together.

Corrado Passera began his career in the CIR as general manager. In the nineties, he becomes general manager of Arnoldo Mondadori Editore and of the Gruppo Editoriale l'Espresso. In 1998 he was appointed CEO of the Italian Post Office until 2002, when he was appointed CEO of Banca Intesa. On 16 November 2011 he was appointed Minister of Economic Development and Minister of Infrastructure and Transport for the government led by Mario Monti.
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