«The world is in need of care, rather than of conquests» says Letizia Moratti, former Mayor of Milan, President of RAI and Minister of Education. We should start putting at the centre human values - she says- the only cornerstone that can really restore the value of our cities, of education and of employment. Even the business world is using more and more social values and human experiences, as shown by all those initiatives that combine profit and non-profit organizations, both in Italy and abroad, starting from local investments, in order to train the entrepreneurs of the future in developing countries.

Letizia Moratti is the first woman to be appointed President of the RAI (in 1994) and the first woman to be elected mayor of Milan (in 2006). From 11 June 2001 until the end of the mandate she has been Minister of Education, university and research. Letizia Moratti is co-founder of the San Patrignano Foundation and of the E4Impact Foundation.
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