«0.0 economy is not a new economic matrix, nor a new theory. It’s a provocation, is a big provocation»: says Oscar Di Montigny - Chief Marketing, Communication, Innovation Officer at Banca Mediolanum - as he tells us about new possible economic processes that may include «not only a benefit for me and for you, but also and mainly a benefit to the whole». Oscar Di Montigny is convinced that even the logic of profit could be reformulated thanks the so-called "right-profit": a reaffirmation of the right to make a profit, however always bearing in mind the purposes and means.

Oscar Montigny is an expert in Innovative Marketing, Relational Communication and Corporate Education. He participates as a keynote speaker at many forums and national and international events. He is the creator and founder of Mediolanum Corporate University. Today he is Director of Marketing, Communication and Innovation of Banca Mediolanum and CEO of Mediolanum Communication.
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