"I don’t have a good relationship with the trumpet , I don’t even like it as an object", yet Enrico Rava is the best known and internationally appreciated Italian trumpeter and jazz musician. His is a self-taught, theoretical studies were not useful for him: "I am terrified by the mere mention of the word solfège". His relationship with music has always been marked by a sense of "necessity" and a complex dialogue with rules: "Rules are important, but you need to break them to find a new key". And he has some very convincing stories to explain the how and why.

Enrico Rava has played on more than 90 recordings and collaborated with the greatest jazz musicians of the twentieth century, especially in the long period he spent in New York, starting from the mid-60s. Among his most important collaborations are those with Gatto Barbieri, Carla Bley, Joe Henderson and Cecil Taylor.
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