«When energies converge, they create fantastic opportunities. This is what the Singularity University teaches». Vivek Wadhwa is head of research at Singularity University, the American institution that is responsible for teaching to selected groups of talent those technologies that are going to change the world. Vivek Wadhwa tells us what are the differences that still exist between the entrepreneurial approach of the Silicon Valley and what we have in Italy, where there is a great distrust between entrepreneurs, at the expense of the exchange of ideas.

Vivek Wadhwa is head of research at Singularity University and is a senior member of the prestigious Stanford University. He is an advisor to several governments on artificial intelligence, computer science and robotics. In 2012 the Foreign Policy magazine put him among the 100 most influential thinkers in the world and in 2013 the Time magazine listed him as one of The 40 most influential minds in the tech industry.
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